Why choose Epson Projector for Schools

The world that we live in today is rapidly changing, and different industries are transforming their ways and norms to better adapt themselves to the newer trends. Vast amounts of transformation can also be noticed in the educational sector, as institutes across the world take to new and more advanced manners of imparting knowledge.

Epson interactive projector

Schools are moving fast from brick-and-mortar classrooms to more digitally-aided set-ups. From smart interactive displays to projectors with wireless moderator display controls, the tools utilized for education are no more the same, and Epson, the widely renowned brand for technological solutions, is playing quite an important role in shaping the new world of education.

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Classrooms and Large Touch Screen Monitors: A Formula for Interactive Teaching

Technology has become an integral part of a child’s life. That’s substantiated by the fact that one can find kids using smartphones, tabs, etc. almost on an everyday basis. This provides an excellent opportunity to integrate large touch screen monitors in lessons to make teaching and learning even more interesting. Using a large touch screen display in the classroom has a number of advantages, which include:

large touch screen monitor and classroom

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7 Reasons Why Teachers Struggle to use Technology in the Classroom

Schools all over India are integrating technology in their classroom. But despite the significant resources being allocated for teacher training and technology integration, many teachers have struggled with the technology. While some have faced disruptions with new devices, others have had their work impacted negatively by ICT classroom, leading to inefficient use of the technology. Here are 7 reasons why teachers are struggling to use the ICT classrooms to their full advantage: –

ict classroom

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7 Ways to Create the Classroom of the Future

Education standards in different schools will always differ. However, the need of moving towards the incorporation of digital teaching in classrooms holds a lot of merit, irrespective of which school you are in. While smart boards for classrooms are the basic first step of a technologically advanced classroom, there are quite a number of factors that one needs to take into account. That being said, here are 7 ways of creating the classrooms of the future:

smartboard for classroom

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6 Learning Methods to utilize with Smart Boards

If your school is one that is “up with the times”, then you are among the lucky ones to have interactive smart boards in your classroom. The interactive white board is making an appearance across classrooms in India, replacing the overhead projector in many schools. Smartboard for classrooms can enrich the learning process by making a typical, boring lesson a more fun and interactive one. Here are a few ways in which you can utilize the interactive smart board in your classroom:


Get your students to brainstorm on a particular topic. Once they are done, get all ideas recorded, and with interactive smart boards, you can have these ideas dragged and dropped to other areas for classifying. You can even extend a page to add more notes or insert new blank pages. Also, written text can be converted into type-written one if you decide to print the notes for the students to be used for studying.

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ICT Classroom – New Approach in Learning

What makes learning enjoyable is the fact that there are so many ways in which one can learn. An approach that is followed by many teachers is a ‘rotating approach.’ In this approach, teacher encourages learning where learning happens in various ways rather than fixating on one. ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology and that aids in providing information through wireless networks, internet, and other mediums.

ict classroom

ICT Classroom has a significant role to play today’s classroom education. It helps in ensuring that the students learn through various types of learning. The models that ICT uses are traditional pedagogy, learning as play, self-directed learning, differentiated learning, and constructivism. The ways in which these models are integrated in an ICT Classroom is through the following ways:

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How to Use Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

Digitization and technology has penetrated almost every facet of our lives. The same holds true for our schools where technology, like installing interactive boards in the classroom, is working hand-in-hand with teachers to impart knowledge in a more fun and interactive manner.

Learning how to use an interactive smart board in the classroom does not have to be as difficult as it is made out to be. Teachers need to understand that good teaching is still what is considered as the most important thing in classrooms.

Interactive Smart Board

An interactive whiteboard or smart board has proven to be quite an effective tool in teaching. However, there might still be those who face issues with the use of interactive boards in the classroom. For teachers who wish to use these tools effectively, here are a few tips:

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Choosing between Interactive Flat Panels and Interactive Whiteboards for Schools

Once upon a time, teachers used to teach their classes by displaying lesson information on chalkboards or even via projectors. However, as technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, the education sector too has transformed beyond recognition. With modern technology, there are now a number of alternatives available in the market for classroom teaching, the most common among which are the interactive flat panel and interactive whiteboards, which has led to many a discussion regarding which product proves to be better in a school setting. Read more

6 Methods to Use a Smart Board in Your Preschool Classroom

It is quite difficult to make little children sit still during classes. Not only do you have to grab their attention, you need to retain it, which is easier said than done. Preschoolers can be the most challenging group to teach; with their budding minds, children hardly listen and even if they listen, they do it for a very brief period before something else captures their attention. Smart boards for classrooms are one of the best ways to tackle this short attention span. Here are 6 ways to use a smart board in your preschool classroom. Read more