7 Reasons Why Teachers Struggle to use Technology in the Classroom

Schools all over India are integrating technology in their classroom. But despite the significant resources being allocated for teacher training and technology integration, many teachers have struggled with the technology. While some have faced disruptions with new devices, others have had their work impacted negatively by ICT classroom, leading to inefficient use of the technology. Here are 7 reasons why teachers are struggling to use the ICT classrooms to their full advantage: –

ict classroom

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Teacher Training Made Easier with Interactive Projectors

When it comes to the classroom atmosphere, qualified and experienced teaching staff have always been aware of the fact that children have a tendency to get distracted easily or get bored of a lecture that is too imposing on them. For instance, a brand new topic is being explained by a teacher and at the same time, the students have to take notes. They are expected to pay attention to the information, understand and process that information and write down what they’ve understood for revision. Words are thrown across the page but important facts are usually skipped or left out. This not only leaves the information lost forever in the student’s notes but also in their minds.

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