Epson 536Wi Short Throw Interactive Projector – Review

Coming from the biggest manufacturer of projectors world-wide, the Epson 536Wi short throw Interactive projector is built for usage in both corporate boardrooms and classrooms. The Epson short throw projector packs in many a spec that aid it in delivering high picture quality and offering the customers complete value for their money.

Superior-quality image

This Epson short throw projector delivers crisp, bright and top quality images thanks to its 3 LCD technology. Where most projectors fail to deliver results in brightly-lit rooms, the 536 Wi with its elevated white and colour light output proves valuable.

Again where its high contrast ratio makes images more detailed, the short throw lens sharpens images and enhances focus.

Epson 536i short throw projector

Value for money

Another factor that makes the Epson short throw projector a great investment is how worthwhile it is. As a modern-day mechanism, this projector saves power through its automatic light output adjustment based on the type of content playing. In the eco mode, the lamp in this equipment can last up to 10,000 hours.

When not in use, the A/V mute feature in this projector stops the presentation and lowers the lamp by 70% thus saving energy. The Epson short throw projector comes with inbuilt 16-w speaker that helps you play audio content without having to arrange auxiliary external speakers. Furthermore, its microphone input coverts the machine into a Public address system, enhancing the overall experience of classroom presentations and corporate meetings.

User-friendly Interactivity

The Epson short throw projector comes with dual-pen capability which allows two users to gloss on the screen area present, using different features concurrently. To give the users a smoother and more precise writing experience, these pens are now endowed with more accuracy and improved syncing abilities.

Again, thanks to auto calibration and driverless installation, setting up the Epson short throw projector is no hassle either. Usage of easy interactive tool software will offer an array of interactive features to users.

Top features of the Epson Short Throw Projector that you should look out for

In a nut-shell, the aspects that lend this projector the efficiency that it has are –

  • 3LCD technology for excellent quality of image
  • Equally great white and colour light output
  • Short throw ratio for projecting larger image at a shorter distance
  • Improved contrast ratio of 16, 000:1 for sharper detail
  • Extended lamp life – 5000 hours in standard mode/10, 000 hours in eco mode
  • Can be both wall and ceiling mounted

Finally, with pocket-friendly costs and feasible accessories, Epson 536Wi short throw interactive projector presents itself as the right tool for use in smaller spaces, be it office or school.