Ways to Boost Classroom Collaboration Using Interactive Displays

Technology has impacted all aspects of our life, and the field of education isn’t an exception to it. Gone are the days when teachers used blackboards as a means of displaying information to students. Even the overhead projector as a teaching aid has become obsolete. Nowadays, schools are opting for large, interactive displays like SMART Boards and innovative projectors like those from Epson. A study found that use of collaborative technology and group learning increases the chance of success among students by 3.4 times. (Source) Read more

Epson 536Wi Short Throw Interactive Projector – Review

Coming from the biggest manufacturer of projectors world-wide, the Epson 536Wi short throw Interactive projector is built for usage in both corporate boardrooms and classrooms. The Epson short throw projector packs in many a spec that aid it in delivering high picture quality and offering the customers complete value for their money. Read more

The 7 Best Business Projectors of 2018

Looking back at the advancement of projectors, we can easily remember that back in the day we had huge devices that were categorized only by their weight. All of that has changed now. Projectors are not only interactive but portable as well and can be categorized into many different fields of significance such as business, home use or for gaming, education and so on. Read more