Better learning outcomes using Interactive Flat Panel Display

Better Learning outcomes from Front-of-Class Technology

Since lockdown, there can be no going back on technology: not only is it here to stay, but schools must be equipped to educate a generation of neomillennial learners who are ‘Digital Natives’.

In some schools, interactive whiteboards are the height of advancement. They are now being replaced by Interactive front-of-class technology like Interactive Flat Panel Display. Recent advances in the technology mean the traditional front-of-class screen is now more than simply a passive display. This type of technology can provide a full tablet-like experience that offers real productivity gains and acts as a central hub for all education technology.

During school closures, students have missed out on key social and soft skills. It has shown that being present in the classroom and working together is fundamental to learning. Student and parent engagement with learning fell dramatically during lockdown. We’ve realised that learning in the classroom is absolutely key to pupil development: by using collaborative, interactive tools like an Interactive Flat Panel Display, pupils can be engaged in learning all over again

Your teachers can use an Interactive Flat Panel Display to: 

  • Deliver interactive lessons with dynamic information flow between teacher and student devices (e.g. tablets, notebooks, laptops, Chromebooks.) 
  • Share digital content such as videos and images, quickly and easily. 
  • Customise content, tasks and lessons with free, accompanying software — myviewboard and Google Classroom. 
  • Create interactive lessons, polls, quizzes and team-based activities directly on the panel.
  • Share learning in real-time with the whole class, increasing discussion and participation. 
  • Allow pupils to learn the way they do at home, extending learning beyond the classroom and instilling independent problem-solving skills.  

“Technology alone is not enough: it works best with a teacher present, to answer the needs of a well-crafted digital learning strategy. In other words, it’s not having technology that matters – it’s how you use it.”

Connecting the class

Now schools are returning, it’s clear that classrooms are the nucleus of learning. Front-of class technology, like Viewsonic Interactive Flat Panel Display, is the ultimate tool to put the educator back at the heart of learning, while facilitating creative, interactive learning experiences. It connects to student devices and provides an interactive environment for advanced learning. This type of edtech allows for customised activities to cater for individual learning styles, and can be used for informal, formative assessment that gives your school more insight predicting pupils’ summative results.

It should go without saying that simply adding ICT doesn’t necessarily add value, so explore new pedagogies for how to use it to best advantage. For example, consider re-imagining your space; explore the ‘modern classroom’; maximise collaborative working among pupils; try ‘flipping your classroom’; implement strategies for pupil engagement and empowerment.

Training your Teachers

Studies reveal that 6 out of 10 teachers had never had any training on how to use ICT in the classroom.Your teachers must be not only willing but keen to share the lesson content, presentation and assessment of content with their pupils. This requires a shift from seeing themselves as teachers to seeing themselves as facilitators of learning. At C3 iT Xperts, we have been training teachers since 2007 on how to effectively use technology in classrooms for better learning outcomes.

Commitment from the Management

Above all else, the effective use of ICT needs strong leadership. Technology is powerful, and can certainly help to deliver better educational outcomes for students and a competitive advantage for the school – but it needs careful management, and commitment right across the school 

Attempting to add a new approach to technology to a classroom without taking into consideration core pedagogies will result in an ineffective wasteful and backward-looking compromise. 

At C3 iT Xperts, we’re focused on providing inspiring and engaging digital tools that redefine the modern classroom. We design interactive, award winning education technology, including the revolutionary front of class display Interactive Flat Panel Display that allows educators to enhance their teaching methods and improve attainment across their schools.

Interactive flat panels consistently improve learning outcomes.

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Many students today appear to prefer visual and kinesthetic learning styles. Today’s IFPD solutions address those preferences, allowing students to get out of their chairs and go up to the front of the class, making them ideal for educators to create lesson plans that engage students as well as nurture collaboration and creativity.

In K–12 and higher education, IFPD technology is transforming the learning experience by:

  • Fostering collaborative learning and peer communications
  • Making lessons more engaging and fostering creativity
  • Facilitating distance learning
  • Providing opportunities for more personalized instruction that accommodates different students’ learning styles
  • Incorporating the analytics component to allow teachers to track students’ levels of engagement and attention—and in turn enhance and revise content

They can also solve deployment challenges by leveraging a new generation of digital whiteboard solutions that reduce complexity, simplify setup and maintenance, and integrate with other systems. These solutions also provide security features that protect student privacy and school assets.

Moreover, by equipping passionate teachers and students with a sophisticated IFPD solution, traditional instruction methods can be transformed into an experience that combines the immediacy of chalk on slate with the power of digital technology and media.

The results? Learning becomes engaging and interactive. The advantages also include providing personalized, meaningful instruction. This means that students and teachers can save and review their presentations, allowing them to go back and improve their work. Another advantage of today’s IFPD solutions is the analytic component, which enables teachers to enhance and revise their content as well as to track and monitor a student’s level of engagement and attention.

To improve the learning outcomes at your classrooms, connect with our Education Consultants, we will more than happy to assist you.

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