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The following resources are for SMART visual collaboration solutions

SMART Collaboration on YouTube

For free on-the-spot training, search for SMART Collaboration to find quick and simple videos that you can watch at your convenience.

SMART technical documentation

The SMART support center, available on the SMART website, offers installation and user's guides for specific products, along with how-to and troubleshooting articles. This is where you can learn about your product in more detail. You can also use the support center to contact technical support.

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Goal 1: Sharing Information Visually

This course shows how presenting with SMART products can be more effective than traditional meetings.

Goal 2: Brainstorm Creatively

This course will teach you how to problem solve using visual collaboration tools to make meetings more effective.

Goal 3: Getting the Most From Your Workflow

This course recommends ways for business users to improve their existing workflow processes by introducing SMART solutions.

Achieving Excellence Series

This e-learning series spotlights companies that are using SMART's products in a way that's unique to their industry – and using them together to get the best results in their day-to-day business operations

Engage Exceptional Teams: Anytime, Anywhere

This 15-minute course helps you use your SMART solution to connect multidisciplinary teams, regardless of geographical location.

Intuitive Collaboration

This 15-minute course explores how to facilitate intuitive collaboration using your SMART solutions, particularly when fast and informed decision-making is critical.

Staying Competitive in Corporate Training

This 15-minute course explains why intuitive collaboration is a vital part of corporate training, and provides ways you can use SMART solutions to deliver engaging training.

Run Paperless Meetings

This 15-minute course helps you identify the environmental and performance benefits of using SMART solutions to run your meetings.

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Self-paced courses

We Just Got a SMART Board – Now What?

You just got your SMART Board interactive whiteboard, so now what? This course helps beginners who have never used an interactive whiteboard get started with their visual collaboration solution.

My Meeting

My Meeting is a training tutorial for SMART Meeting Pro software that is completely customizable to your learning needs. Select your specific SMART hardware products and your choice of meeting space, and then choose specific tasks that you want to learn about. View instructions

SMART Room System for Microsoft Lync

choose from the following resources:

Need to connect a laptop in your meeting room? Learn how to connect your laptop to the meeting room display and launch SMART Meeting Pro software using a SMART GoWire™ auto-launch cable:

Getting started with the SMART Podium

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