How to Make Team Meetings more Engaging with Interactive Whiteboards?

Interactive smart boards can help you get the most out of your team meetings. Interactive smart boards make collaboration easy, helping employees display files directly from their computer systems. There are a number of benefits that everyone can leverage from working with interactive smart boards. Here is why interactive whiteboards for business should be a necessary accessory.

interactive whiteboard for business and classroom

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The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Best Projector

If you are looking to purchase a projector, there are different questions that you need to answer. There are various critical aspects that one must consider before purchasing a projector, be it an ultra-throw projector or a traditional projector. This guide is targeted at the average buyer that is not aware of the jargon associated with buying a projector. So, here are the key factors that you should remember when choosing a projector:

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Long Throw, Short Throw and Ultra Short Throw: Which Projector to choose?

Nowadays, projectors are gaining popularity primarily due to their increased usage in offices and home theatre systems. Although they are used today on a wider scale, people still have doubts about the different projector types. They also don’t know how to choose the best projectors for themselves.

epson ultra short throw projector blog

The first and foremost thing that you must know before buying a projector is the throw distance. It is a measured expanse which the light travels when it leaves the projector lens and reaches the screen. In terms of throw distance, there are three types of projectors i.e. long throw, short throw and ultra-short throw projectors. Here is a detailed study of projectors, its types, and tips to choose the best projectors:

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Epson’s New PowerLite Ultra Short Throw Projectors – Advantages and Uses

Epson projectors are among the top selling projectors worldwide, and are recognized for driving innovations and exceeding customer expectations. The Epson ultra-short throw projector is one of the most recent additions to the offerings of this brand. These short throw projectors are available in three variants, namely – Epson PowerLite 675 W, Epson PowerLite 680 W and Epson PowerLite 685 W.

Designed essentially for classroom collaborations, these new Epson ultra-short throw projectors come equipped with many cool features for enhancing student engagement and communication.

epson ultra short throw projector

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Combining Epson Interactive Projectors with SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

Epson, for a good while now, has been leading the interactive projector scene with a range of innovative interactive projectors. Keeping in line with their strong partnership with SMART Technologies Inc., a new range of Epson interactive projectors has been released that is compatible with SMART board interactive whiteboards. These Epson projectors have been designed and certified to be used with SMART Board interactive whiteboards. The new range of Epson projectors will allow for introduction of advanced learning solutions to the classrooms, and making lessons more interesting and collaborative.

Epson Interactive Projectors with SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

These Epson interactive projectors have been developed to bring to the classrooms the world’s best interactive solutions that will help the educator adapt to the evolving education scenario. The projectors from Epson have been designed to provide integrated capabilities with SMART Board Interactive whiteboards. These interactive whiteboards are used in a large number of classrooms worldwide, providing teachers with a technology that teaches collaboration to students in natural way, in addition to improving the whole learning experience.

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Application of Touch Screen Technology in Various Fields

A touchscreen display works on input and output, layered on the top of an information processing system that is made up of electric visual display. What a touchscreen essentially does is enable a user to control or simply input information with the help of single or multi-touch. This can be accomplished by using your finger or a specified stylus. Some devices may require the wearing of a glove that is specially coated to work on a touchscreen.

large touch screen display

According to the type of touchscreen, you can enlarge texts by zooming, and do many other things. The fact that a touchscreen does away with the need to use a mouse, touchpad and various other peripheral devices, makes it a lot more intuitive. Owing to this enormous potential of a touchscreen display, it is used in various fields like:

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How can Interactive Flat Panels boost your office Productivity?

Interactive flat panels are those displays with which one can interact, similar to how one would interact with a smartphone. The only perceptible difference between interactive panels and smartphone is the size. These flat panels are much larger than regular smartphones.

interactive flat panel for office

With the help of interactive flat panels, you would no longer have to use flip charts, illegible diagrams or marker pens (that stop working during important times!). In addition to that, you will not need overhead projectors that contain bulbs that burn out right in the middle of an important presentation. Given these and many more advantages, it’s about time that you incorporate interactive flat panels into your office. Still need convincing? Here you go: –

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Reasons to Switch from Interactive Whiteboards to Interactive Flat Panels

Interactive whiteboards were first adopted in 2004 in a small percentage of classrooms. Since then, interactive whiteboards have helped teachers in providing them with an opportunity to interact with students, allowing them to teach curriculum in a dynamic setting. Interactive whiteboards help students study with the help of instructional resources in a digital format. In fact, even teachers use a stylus on the white board to teach these resources. Also, these white boards take studying beyond the class period wherein the teachers can email or print the lessons being taught. Moreover, the materials can be shared with parents and teachers at any given point of time.

However, there has been a switch to interactive flat panels from interactive white boards. Why, you may ask? Interactive flat panels are displays with which you can interact, like you use a smartphone; just imagine it being a whole lot bigger!

interactive flat panel

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Epson Workforce WF 100 Wi-Fi Inkjet Printer – Compact Yet Practical

When you see the gadgets today, the general consensus would be that the form factor has improved, and the functionality has been augmented. At present, many devices have become portable which in turn has made them a lot more versatile. Epson too has been at it, and it can be clearly seen in Epson WorkForce WF 100 which is among the best Epson inkjet printers today. This inkjet printer comes with a built-in battery, and is compatible both with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct.

If you are someone who really does not have much time on your plate, and need to print a great deal, the Epson WorkForce WF 100 may be the right business printer for you (if you run a business). You can easily pack it in a bag and carry it along, and print plenty of documents directly from your Smartphone or laptop without needing power sockets or cables!

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Interactive Short Throw Projectors – EPSON or SONY?

Sony as well as Epson short throw projectors come with a number features that allow to project high quality images from a very short distance. The short throw projector offering from both the companies is renowned for their quality. If you are confused about which brand to buy, this blog will help. To make matters easy, we will be comparing the flagship model of both Epson and Sony, which are the 535Wi and VPL-SW225, respectively. Here is a look at their features.

Short Throw Distance

The Sony projector, VPL-SW225 has a throw ratio that is capable of producing an 80 inch diagonal size image from a distance of only 79cm (31-inch) away from the screen. The Epson interactive projector, 535W, on the other hand, has a throw ratio of 0.48, allowing it to project an 80-inch image from a distance of 83 cm away, which is more than Sony VPL-SW225.

epson short throw projectors

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