A Comparison of Different Epson Short Throw Projectors

The Epson short throw projector has become one of the most famous projectors that are used in classrooms and offices. Being a rather popular brand, Epson has a number of models available in the market. The following list of Epson short throw projectors has been collated to offer you the basic comparison of the different projector models available at present.

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Choosing between Interactive Flat Panels and Interactive Whiteboards for Schools

Once upon a time, teachers used to teach their classes by displaying lesson information on chalkboards or even via projectors. However, as technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, the education sector too has transformed beyond recognition. With modern technology, there are now a number of alternatives available in the market for classroom teaching, the most common among which are the interactive flat panel and interactive whiteboards, which has led to many a discussion regarding which product proves to be better in a school setting. Read more

6 Methods to Use a Smart Board in Your Preschool Classroom

It is quite difficult to make little children sit still during classes. Not only do you have to grab their attention, you need to retain it, which is easier said than done. Preschoolers can be the most challenging group to teach; with their budding minds, children hardly listen and even if they listen, they do it for a very brief period before something else captures their attention. Smart boards for classrooms are one of the best ways to tackle this short attention span. Here are 6 ways to use a smart board in your preschool classroom. Read more

Ways to Boost Classroom Collaboration Using Interactive Displays

Technology has impacted all aspects of our life, and the field of education isn’t an exception to it. Gone are the days when teachers used blackboards as a means of displaying information to students. Even the overhead projector as a teaching aid has become obsolete. Nowadays, schools are opting for large, interactive displays like SMART Boards and innovative projectors like those from Epson. A study found that use of collaborative technology and group learning increases the chance of success among students by 3.4 times. (Source) Read more

Epson 536Wi Short Throw Interactive Projector – Review

Coming from the biggest manufacturer of projectors world-wide, the Epson 536Wi short throw Interactive projector is built for usage in both corporate boardrooms and classrooms. The Epson short throw projector packs in many a spec that aid it in delivering high picture quality and offering the customers complete value for their money. Read more

A Guide on How to Replace Epson Ink Cartridges

Epson, one of the best inkjet printer manufacturers, offers a broad range of printers which are designed to suit your needs, be it business or personal. Epson offers printers with all-in-one capabilities, and most of their models are so diverse that no two models have overlapping similarities; although similar products lines will share component pieces. This applies to Epson ink cartridges too, which are found usually in the same shape and size i.e. thin, tall and rectangular. Replacing ink cartridge in an Epson inkjet printer is a straightforward affair. Here is how you can change ink cartridge on your Epson printer. Read more

Top Touchscreen Technologies in the Market

Earlier, keyboard and mouse were mainstream input devices, but with the constant innovation in technology, things have changed. Now, touchscreen is the one of the most popular input device which can be used to do anything with just the swipe of a finger. With a press, swipe or pinching motion of a finger, a touchscreen can be used to perform various functions as well as to provide inputs. In fact, modern touch screen devices are easier to use than traditional button, keyboard and mouse operated devices. Read more

Ways to Use Interactive Flat Panel Displays to Boost Sales

When you hear of interactive flat panel displays, the first images to appear in your mind would perhaps be related to modern schools and the widespread education market, right from teachers demonstrating lessons on interactive flipcharts to students using smart whiteboards. And with increasing number of education centers opting for these technological solutions, the thought isn’t wrong. If anything, it is quite obvious. Read more