How The Business World Has Become More Eco-friendly In This Era?

Over the past few years, companies have become more conscious of their effects on or contribution to the well being of the environment. This sudden awareness among companies to become eco-friendly may be due to the sudden increase of pressure from their customers who want to do business solely with companies that are environmentally responsible. Customers can question where products come from, what kind of labor was used and so on. Read more

Digital India Classrooms: Blackboards Convert Into Electronic Whiteboards

During the 6th meeting of the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE), the advisory body decided that this would be an essential part of improving India’s educational curriculum. The decision was taken by state education ministers, central ministers, senior bureaucrats and several educationists. Read more

The 7 Best Business Projectors of 2018

Looking back at the advancement of projectors, we can easily remember that back in the day we had huge devices that were categorized only by their weight. All of that has changed now. Projectors are not only interactive but portable as well and can be categorized into many different fields of significance such as business, home use or for gaming, education and so on. Read more