5 Tips for choosing the Best Printer for Business

Getting the best printer for your business isn’t an easy task. With complex technical specifications and the wide range of models available in the market, shopping for inkjet printer for business can feel overwhelming. However, getting the right printer for your business is vital and with a little homework, you can save money not only on the printer itself but also on repairs and consumables like ink cartridges, etc. Here is how you can get the best inkjet printer for your business.

best epson inkjet printer

  1. Analyze your Business needs

Before you start shopping for an inkjet, there are some considerations that you need to address, like; how many employees will be using the printer and what will they print? Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before deciding on a printer: –

  • Other than the standard daily desktop printing, how much additional printing is expected?
  • What type of document will you be printing the most? Is there a requirement of color printing in your day-to-day business activities or can you do with a black and white printer?
  • Will the printer be shared among several employees or will be used by just one? Can you save some money by opting for a single high-duty printer rather than investing in several individual printers?
  • How much room you have? Most small business operate out of small spaces, so it is important to keep in mind that some printers bigger than the others.

Once you have accounted for the various factors, you can start looking around for printer.

  1. Black & White or Color

This is among the foremost decision you will be making, whether or not there is a need to print in color. Usually most office printing is done in black and white. But if your business requires regular printing of color graphs and pamphlets, go for a color printer. Epson Inkjet printers work best when it comes to color printing, and are known to print high quality images at an affordable rate.

  1. Multifunction vs. Single-function

Modern printers do more than their predecessors. A printer can connect wirelessly, copy, scan, print, send emails i.e. you can do most of the office essential in one place by a single unit. Affordable printers with multifunction are available as well; these are equipped with USB slots to allow direct printing of documents. But if you just require a printer that just prints, go for a standard printer.

  1. Check the Duty Cycle

The duty cycle is the amount of pages per month that the printer is designed to print safely. This number is relative is intended to give you an idea of what printer can handle. Printing more than the duty cycle can lead to a breakdown. This is important for those businesses that print a lot of pages, as they may require a high volume printer to avoid breakdowns. The duty cycle of Epson inkjets printers is among the best in market and can easily serve businesses where printing load is high.

  1. Ink Costs

When it comes to printers, there is a general rule of thumb; the cheaper the printer, the more you will be spending on ink. Inexpensive printers are mostly designed for users who don’t print much. As a result, buying the cheapest printer available in the market isn’t the best option if you print regularly.

Most printer include price-per-page in the printer’s specification. Comparing your printing needs and the duty cycle of the printer to price-per-page can be helpful when choosing the right printer for your business needs.

If you are still having tough time choosing the best inkjet printer for your business, get a couple printers, as sometimes buying two or three affordable printers to suit your different needs can be ideal in the long run.