6 Learning Methods to utilize with Smart Boards

If your school is one that is “up with the times”, then you are among the lucky ones to have interactive smart boards in your classroom. The interactive white board is making an appearance across classrooms in India, replacing the overhead projector in many schools. Smartboard for classrooms can enrich the learning process by making a typical, boring lesson a more fun and interactive one. Here are a few ways in which you can utilize the interactive smart board in your classroom:


Get your students to brainstorm on a particular topic. Once they are done, get all ideas recorded, and with interactive smart boards, you can have these ideas dragged and dropped to other areas for classifying. You can even extend a page to add more notes or insert new blank pages. Also, written text can be converted into type-written one if you decide to print the notes for the students to be used for studying.

smart board for classroom


Teachers can easily use smart boards for classrooms to play games using this technology. You can use the interactive smart boards to play quizzes and other interactive games. This will ensure that the whole classroom participates in the exercise.

Interactive Worksheets

There are a number of websites that allow you to create your own personal worksheet which you can print. With smartboard for classrooms, you can utilize the interactive tools to create worksheets for guided lessons or activities. Students can work in a group of two’s to check each other’s work, or you could provide answers for self-checking.

Graphic Organizers

Generally, teachers employ some kind of a graphic organizer or a concept map in their teaching. The interactive white board often comes with some templates for graphic organizers like Venn diagrams which are one of the best ways for comparing and contrasting two things. You can easily utilize a Venn diagram to compare and contrast three things that students must know about.

Click and Drag

Most activities done with smart boards in classrooms involve some aspect of click and drag activities. These ‘click and drag’ activities can be used for exercises that will help you review concepts that students have already learned.

Board Games

There are sources on the web that provide flash games which test various aspects of lessons learned by a student. You can use the interactive smartboard to play these games. Also there are tools that allow you to create your own games for students to play.

Smart boards in classrooms are a proven success story. Studies have shown that it raises test scores, improves student learning, boosts attentiveness, increases comprehension and enhances literacy. And these are just few of the ways in which interactive white boards can benefit students. Teachers have reported that with interactive smart boards, there has been an increase in student engagement. These interactive smartboard for classrooms gives teachers the opportunity to create an environment in classroom where students with different learning styles can easily learn. The interactive smart board is an easy-to-use and learn technology that makes sure that both teachers and students are developing the skills that are needed in order to succeed.