Epson’s New PowerLite Ultra Short Throw Projectors – Advantages and Uses

Epson projectors are among the top selling projectors worldwide, and are recognized for driving innovations and exceeding customer expectations. The Epson ultra-short throw projector is one of the most recent additions to the offerings of this brand. These short throw projectors are available in three variants, namely – Epson PowerLite 675 W, Epson PowerLite 680 W and Epson PowerLite 685 W.

Designed essentially for classroom collaborations, these new Epson ultra-short throw projectors come equipped with many cool features for enhancing student engagement and communication.

epson ultra short throw projector

What is all About?

Ease of Use – Epson ultra-short throw projectors are best suited for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) classroom as they present large and clear images alongside wireless features that help students learn and collaborate better, irrespective of where they sit in the classroom.

Personalized Learning – One of the top highlights of these new Epson projectors is that it allows instructors to share content easily between the big screen and the connected mobile devices, enabling personalized learning. To explain it better, with the Epson iProjection wireless display solution, students can wirelessly engage in discussions by presenting content from their PCs or laptops or any iOS and Android device. This device allows as many as 50 users to connect to it concurrently along with multi-PC projection as well as the Moderator device management software 1. Apart from this, at least four students can display their contents and compare their work, side by side.

All-in-One Classroom Solution – Given the smart amalgam of their versatile displays, brightness and wireless capabilities, these Epson projector models are set to take classroom collaboration to an entirely new level. Delivering expansive options for enriching classroom lessons in high resolution along with connectivity, this new line of Epson ultra-short throw projectors meets the teachers’ personal classroom requirements in the most apt manner possible.

Extra Networking Capabilities – The advanced new ultra-short throw presentation displays by Epson impart additional networking facilities that enable schools to run as many as 1024 Epson related displays utilizing Crestron RoomView® or EasyMP®. To reduce hassles, teachers can also choose to connect to a common access point for sharing their content with the class, in place of additional cables. Apart from this, institutions can also make use of the Message Broadcasting plug-in for EasyMP Monitor, to send announcements and updates to 1024 Epson connected displays, remotely.

Top Features at a Glance

These new Epson projectors are recognized for offering 3 times higher colour brightness than standard competitive models. Clean image delivery, minimized glare, reduced shadow interference and advanced connectivity are among other top features.  Some of its prominent attributes are: –

  • High quality image display
  • Long-life low-cost lamps
  • Remote management
  • Powerful sound

Epson as a brand focuses on helping educators find and bring into use top-quality products for their classroom, and making the best of their budgets at the same time. The all new Epson PowerLite ultra-short throw projectors further help enunciate the same.