Interactive Whiteboard Market Growth and Trends

The electronic interactive whiteboard is a revolutionary device that is changing the course of educational curriculum and improving the organization of work and communication within corporate organizations as well.

The electronic interactive projector is a tool that can store images on a computer through a digital projector and it enables users to be able to control on screen activities using a stylus, pen or a finger. In addition to this, the electronic interactive whiteboard allows multiple users to use the board, add content and images simultaneously across different devices. This proves very useful in a classroom atmosphere where activities are being conducted or even in a corporate atmosphere where important plans or processes are being discussed.

The electronic interactive projector provides benefits such as real time learning, efficient interaction between multiple users and ease of integration of shared materials.

Market Drivers and Restraints

Electronic interactive whiteboard is gaining popularity on a global basis. The main factors which are fuelling the increased usage of these devices are mainly government funding for education sectors (even in developing nations), the growing importance of e-learning and digital learning along with increase in technical adoption in various sectors.

Restraints would mainly include the cost factor for investing in electronic interactive projectors, a lack of awareness in rural communities and suburbs and the emerging market for tablets.

The Segmentation of Electronic Interactive Whiteboard

These devices are mainly segmented on the basis of application and the level of technology. Through the technological segmentation, IWBs can be segmented into laser scanners, electromagnetic whiteboards and infrared optical whiteboards, among others. By application, IWBs can be segmented separately for educational sectors, government sectors and corporate sectors. The most popular and the largest sector for electronic interactive whiteboards is the educational sector.

For corporate, IWBs are adopted for their long term investment utility, although their usage rate is low in corporates. Businesses can create PPTs, PDFs or HTML images for presentations and seminars. Now, vendors are trying to focus on how they can improve the functions of the electronic interactive whiteboard to improve functionality for corporate. The main focus would be placed on how it can be used as a cost effective technology to interact efficiently among colleagues, with customers and suppliers as well.

All of these factors across varied sectors, will boost the market share of the electronic interactive whiteboard industry while giving rise to new competition within and outside the industry.