Know which Epson Printer works best for your Business

Printers in workplaces are equipment that employees heavily rely on. Hence, purchasing a printer that best suits your office needs is certainly no easy decision. You will require taking various factors into consideration before you arrive on the final decision.

epson inkjet printer

Epson has been known for offering printers which suit various needs within the workplace. Some of the best business printers from Epson brand have been listed here –

Large Scale Printing

If a machine for printing large documents, say an A3 size, is what you seek, then the WF-7610 model should be your go-to choice. To serve its purpose as a business printer and aid in large format printing, it comes equipped with a front-loading tray and also a 10.9 cm touchscreen and number pad for fax dialling.

This printer by Epson comes equipped with various connectivity options which make it compatible to several devices, thus making printing for business easy. It has a USB socket for connectivity to different devices through a USB cable and two extra memory stick and SD cards. Again, with its 18 ppm printing speed, this equipment is the best Epson inkjet printer out in the market, for large scale printing.


The thing about eco-friendly printers is that they help reduce both your energy consumptions and printing costs. A printer with low running costs is great for business owing to its affordable printer ink and consumables, which will cut your expenses to nearly half.

The Epson WF-5620 is a great option when it comes to this category of printers. It comes with an automatic double-sided printing that enables the machine to perform multiple duties including scanning, faxing and copying.

Its high performance, low power consumption and quality output further allow it to save time and boost the efficiency within your workplace.

Space saving

For smaller offices that might find it difficult to manage a big-sized printer which occupies too much space, the WF-7110 printer is a good option. This machine has a printing speed of 18 ppm and a front-loading paper tray that can hold upto 250 sheets of paper.

The printer’s capacity to function without being physically connected to machines makes it a great tool for increasing productivity and ease of work. The aspect that makes it an amazing business printer is that it does not compromise on quality. This machine is powered by modern printing technology, PrecisionCore, to maintain quality and accuracy while producing documents.

High capacity

The WF-5110 with its specialist heat technology is one of the best Epson inkjet printers especially with regards to less power consumption. This business printer consumes nearly 80% less power when compared to laser machines. It is easy to set up and you can even buy cartridges for this printer in bulk as it can hold upto 4000 sheets of paper.

This machine is also commended for its noiseless printing which allows people to carry out discussions or take phone calls without any disturbance.

No matter how high your usage or output requirement is, you are sure to find a viable option in the range of Epson business printers which meets your business’s needs.