Making a Choice Between a Laser Printer or an Inkjet Printer

So what is an Inkjet printer and what is a laser printer? An Inkjet printer creates digital images with blots of ink dropped onto paper. Whereas laser printers produce digital images through the use of a laser beam being scanned across photo-receptors. Both types have their own pros and cons but choosing either is totally based on your requirements.

Most households tend to use inkjet printers because of the low costs and easy availability. But these days, even the color models of laser printers are available at prices and sizes that are just right for a household or a small office.

Inkjet Printers

Let us first discuss the pros and cons of an inkjet printer:


  • Inkjet printers are lighter and easier to maintain than laser printers.
  • They are great for printing photos and do a good job of blending smooth colors unlike the laser printer.
  • Inkjet printers are cost efficient and not as expensive as laser printers.  The cartridges for business inkjet printer are also cheaper than toner cartridges. The cartridges can be refilled and reused.
  • Inkjet can be used for all types of paper and this includes photo paper with gloss, textured stationery and even on fabrics.
  • This type of printer requires no warm up time.


  • Since Inkjet ink is water based, the prints could be damaged by water and this could lead to fading.
  • Ink cartridges need to be cleaned frequently. Printers do maintain themselves automatically but this will waste a lot of ink.
  • Inkjets are not as fast as laser printers and high volumes of material would be a challenge.
  • When printed on plain paper, a grayish fuzzy text may appear.
  • For household purposes, paper trays will have low-capacity, so this could be a problem if you need to print a lot of material.

Laser Printers

Now, let us discuss a few pros and cons about laser printers so you have a clearer image.


  • Laser printers are much faster than inkjet printers. People who print in high volumes will definitely notice this difference.
  • The text produced is more sharp and darker.
  • This type of printer can handle smaller fonts and finer lines much better than the inkjet. This makes it useful for those who print mostly text with occasional graphics.
  • Laser printers have cartridges that are more expensive than inkjet but less wasteful than the same.


  • Laser printers need time to warm up and you must be prepared for toner leaks which turn out to be very inconvenient in the long run.
  • These printer cannot be used on different types of printing materials unlike the inkjet.
  • Anything that is sensitive to heat cannot be run through them.
  • These printers are larger in size and heavier than inkjet printers.

A closer look at one of our favorites and one of the best Epson inkjet printers currently in the market:

WorkForce WF-100 Wi-Fi Inkjet Printer – The Best Epson Inkjet Printer

Epson WorkForce WF-100 Wi-Fi Inkjet Printer

This printer is compact at just 1.6Kg. This gives it high mobility and it can be fit into bags or briefcases quiet easily. It is convenient to use with it’s built in battery that is USB-chargeable and it does not require a power source. It has Wi-Fi connectivity and great productivity value with speeds up to 7.0 ipm and resolutions up to 5,760 x 1,440 dpi on Epson paper, making this the best Epson inkjet printer.

The prints are long lasting, vibrant, with laser sharp quality and they are fade and water resistant on plain paper. You will not require a PC for maintenance purposes and it also has a built-in basic driver for convenient installation.

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