Reasons to Switch from Interactive Whiteboards to Interactive Flat Panels

Interactive whiteboards were first adopted in 2004 in a small percentage of classrooms. Since then, interactive whiteboards have helped teachers in providing them with an opportunity to interact with students, allowing them to teach curriculum in a dynamic setting. Interactive whiteboards help students study with the help of instructional resources in a digital format. In fact, even teachers use a stylus on the white board to teach these resources. Also, these white boards take studying beyond the class period wherein the teachers can email or print the lessons being taught. Moreover, the materials can be shared with parents and teachers at any given point of time.

However, there has been a switch to interactive flat panels from interactive white boards. Why, you may ask? Interactive flat panels are displays with which you can interact, like you use a smartphone; just imagine it being a whole lot bigger!

interactive flat panel

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Epson Workforce WF 100 Wi-Fi Inkjet Printer – Compact Yet Practical

When you see the gadgets today, the general consensus would be that the form factor has improved, and the functionality has been augmented. At present, many devices have become portable which in turn has made them a lot more versatile. Epson too has been at it, and it can be clearly seen in Epson WorkForce WF 100 which is among the best Epson inkjet printers today. This inkjet printer comes with a built-in battery, and is compatible both with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct.

If you are someone who really does not have much time on your plate, and need to print a great deal, the Epson WorkForce WF 100 may be the right business printer for you (if you run a business). You can easily pack it in a bag and carry it along, and print plenty of documents directly from your Smartphone or laptop without needing power sockets or cables!

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Interactive Short Throw Projectors – EPSON or SONY?

Sony as well as Epson short throw projectors come with a number features that allow to project high quality images from a very short distance. The short throw projector offering from both the companies is renowned for their quality. If you are confused about which brand to buy, this blog will help. To make matters easy, we will be comparing the flagship model of both Epson and Sony, which are the 535Wi and VPL-SW225, respectively. Here is a look at their features.

Short Throw Distance

The Sony projector, VPL-SW225 has a throw ratio that is capable of producing an 80 inch diagonal size image from a distance of only 79cm (31-inch) away from the screen. The Epson interactive projector, 535W, on the other hand, has a throw ratio of 0.48, allowing it to project an 80-inch image from a distance of 83 cm away, which is more than Sony VPL-SW225.

epson short throw projectors

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7 Ways to Create the Classroom of the Future

Education standards in different schools will always differ. However, the need of moving towards the incorporation of digital teaching in classrooms holds a lot of merit, irrespective of which school you are in. While smart boards for classrooms are the basic first step of a technologically advanced classroom, there are quite a number of factors that one needs to take into account. That being said, here are 7 ways of creating the classrooms of the future:

smartboard for classroom

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Epson 580 Ultra-Short Throw XGA 3LCD Projector – Is it a good bit of investment?

The Epson 580 Ultra-Short Throw XGA 3LCD Projector is tailor made to be used in classroom environment. Moreover, the ultra-short throw projector is a perfect companion for digital whiteboards. This projector from Epson comes with a number of features of inputs, providing greater flexibility in use.

There is a VGA input that is paired with a mirrored VGA loop-out for computers along with analogue document cameras and graphic cards. The Epson 580 Ultra-Short Throw XGA 3LCD Projector also has two HDMI inputs for Blu-ray players, new computers and other HDTV compatible equipment. There is also the USB type A port, allowing you to show “PC-less” presentation.

epson ultra short throw projector

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6 Learning Methods to utilize with Smart Boards

If your school is one that is “up with the times”, then you are among the lucky ones to have interactive smart boards in your classroom. The interactive white board is making an appearance across classrooms in India, replacing the overhead projector in many schools. Smartboard for classrooms can enrich the learning process by making a typical, boring lesson a more fun and interactive one. Here are a few ways in which you can utilize the interactive smart board in your classroom:


Get your students to brainstorm on a particular topic. Once they are done, get all ideas recorded, and with interactive smart boards, you can have these ideas dragged and dropped to other areas for classifying. You can even extend a page to add more notes or insert new blank pages. Also, written text can be converted into type-written one if you decide to print the notes for the students to be used for studying.

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Advantages of Interactive Touch Screen over Regular Display

Using interactive touch screen displays for your business can have enormous advantages. Apart from upping the visibility quotient, these displays work wonders in sending your business’s message across, and save you a lot of time and money. Furthermore, it helps the customers by providing them with important data on a single customizable platform. The advantages of interactive touch screens over regular displays are many, like:

Informative and Engaging

Interactive large touch screens displays can be a significant tool to reach out to the customers and engage them while providing your business’s information. You can readily choose from a wide range of screen sizes, mountings, and software available, in order to give your customers an altogether different experience. All these factors will contribute to presenting information to them in a much more stimulating way. Moreover, it will take away a lot of pressure from the staff, and further enhance the overall customer experience.

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Managing Greater Engagement at Events Using Large Touch Screen Displays Monitors

These days, a lot of companies are harnessing the engagement opportunities offered by installing a large touch screen display at their events. Whether it is a trade show, an exhibition, or a product launch event, installing a large touch screen monitor has proved to be a great way to attract guests and to increase their engagement. These interactive displays can provide you with the unique opportunity to collaborate with the event attendees. You can use the large touch screen monitor with a multitude of applications to create an interesting avenue.

However, as with any other technology, it is important that you utilize the large touch screen display in a way that proves to be productive for your service or product and helps you maximise interaction with the event guests. Some of the ways in which such interactive displays can be utilized in your event:

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Why Interactive Flat Panels are Gaining Popularity these Days

It all began with the introduction of interactive white boards into classrooms many years ago. At a time when technology was limited to the laboratories in schools, interactive white boards were an innovative introduction in the education sector.

These interactive white boards offered teachers an opportunity to interact with their students much more and helped them relate to their curriculum in a more dynamic way. This methodology also provides access to a number of digital instructional resources that are relevant to the study material. With these interactive white boards, teachers were also able to extend instruction beyond the classroom by emailing and printing lessons.

interactive flat panel

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ICT Classroom – New Approach in Learning

What makes learning enjoyable is the fact that there are so many ways in which one can learn. An approach that is followed by many teachers is a ‘rotating approach.’ In this approach, teacher encourages learning where learning happens in various ways rather than fixating on one. ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology and that aids in providing information through wireless networks, internet, and other mediums.

ict classroom

ICT Classroom has a significant role to play today’s classroom education. It helps in ensuring that the students learn through various types of learning. The models that ICT uses are traditional pedagogy, learning as play, self-directed learning, differentiated learning, and constructivism. The ways in which these models are integrated in an ICT Classroom is through the following ways:

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