Know which Epson Printer works best for your Business

Printers in workplaces are equipment that employees heavily rely on. Hence, purchasing a printer that best suits your office needs is certainly no easy decision. You will require taking various factors into consideration before you arrive on the final decision.

epson inkjet printer

Epson has been known for offering printers which suit various needs within the workplace. Some of the best business printers from Epson brand have been listed here –

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Evolution of Large Touch Screen Display

Once upon a time, the only place you would encounter touchscreen was in a science fiction show or literature. The ability to touch and complete an action is something that is taken for granted now, but the touch screen display widely used today took several decades to become perfect. Let us take a look at the development of touchscreens from the bulky and imprecise technology to the highly efficient variants of today.

large touch screen display

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Overview and Specifications of Epson 1776W Wireless WXGA 3LCD Projector

There is a lot to be said for the use of short throw projectors in the modern day boardrooms and classrooms. While older projectors required quite a distance to be able to project properly, short throw projectors offer a big respite in that regard, as they require a smaller distance from the projector screen.

When it comes to a short throw projector, Epson has made quite a name for itself in being one of the best manufacturers.

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Why is Digital Learning Important in the Classroom?

Gone are the days when learning was limited to textbooks and blackboards, and digital only referred to games and videos. The world has witnessed a drastic shift in the manner we perceive technology. In fact, technology today is the force empowering various industries right from healthcare, business to education, and the benefits of this shift are quite obvious.

digital learning software

Breaking the barriers set by traditional learning, digital has helped the world of education grow with a might which is beyond what educators could have expected a few years back. Proving to be a game changer, digital learning has brought forth several advantages, a few of which include: –

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8 Things to Consider Before Buying an Interactive Flat Panel

Interactive flat panel display is the new hype in the world, and not just in the business sector but also education. Various schools and universities are actively opting for this new mechanism to enhance the system of teaching they have.

If you are an educator wanting to purchase this technology too, here are a few factors that you need to consider before you go forth with the purchase –

interactive flat panel

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How to Use Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

Digitization and technology has penetrated almost every facet of our lives. The same holds true for our schools where technology, like installing interactive boards in the classroom, is working hand-in-hand with teachers to impart knowledge in a more fun and interactive manner.

Learning how to use an interactive smart board in the classroom does not have to be as difficult as it is made out to be. Teachers need to understand that good teaching is still what is considered as the most important thing in classrooms.

Interactive Smart Board

An interactive whiteboard or smart board has proven to be quite an effective tool in teaching. However, there might still be those who face issues with the use of interactive boards in the classroom. For teachers who wish to use these tools effectively, here are a few tips:

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5 Tips for choosing the Best Printer for Business

Getting the best printer for your business isn’t an easy task. With complex technical specifications and the wide range of models available in the market, shopping for inkjet printer for business can feel overwhelming. However, getting the right printer for your business is vital and with a little homework, you can save money not only on the printer itself but also on repairs and consumables like ink cartridges, etc. Here is how you can get the best inkjet printer for your business.

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Why get a Large Touch Screen Monitor for Your Conference Room

Various meetings from across the world are crossing the thresholds and moving beyond the traditional podium-based presentations and lecture hall sessions. Utilizing more modern options such as smart, collaborative technologies, businesses are opting for a transformed meeting experience now.

One such tool that has gained limelight among businesses is the large touch screen monitor. To help you grasp things better, here’s a take on why this technology should be a part of your conference rooms –

large touch screen display

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A Comparison of Different Epson Short Throw Projectors

The Epson short throw projector has become one of the most famous projectors that are used in classrooms and offices. Being a rather popular brand, Epson has a number of models available in the market. The following list of Epson short throw projectors has been collated to offer you the basic comparison of the different projector models available at present.

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