Interactive flat panels consistently improve learning outcomes.

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Many students today appear to prefer visual and kinesthetic learning styles. Today’s IFPD solutions address those preferences, allowing students to get out of their chairs and go up to the front of the class, making them ideal for educators to create lesson plans that engage students as well as nurture collaboration and creativity.

In K–12 and higher education, IFPD technology is transforming the learning experience by:

  • Fostering collaborative learning and peer communications
  • Making lessons more engaging and fostering creativity
  • Facilitating distance learning
  • Providing opportunities for more personalized instruction that accommodates different students’ learning styles
  • Incorporating the analytics component to allow teachers to track students’ levels of engagement and attention—and in turn enhance and revise content

They can also solve deployment challenges by leveraging a new generation of digital whiteboard solutions that reduce complexity, simplify setup and maintenance, and integrate with other systems. These solutions also provide security features that protect student privacy and school assets.

Moreover, by equipping passionate teachers and students with a sophisticated IFPD solution, traditional instruction methods can be transformed into an experience that combines the immediacy of chalk on slate with the power of digital technology and media.

The results? Learning becomes engaging and interactive. The advantages also include providing personalized, meaningful instruction. This means that students and teachers can save and review their presentations, allowing them to go back and improve their work. Another advantage of today’s IFPD solutions is the analytic component, which enables teachers to enhance and revise their content as well as to track and monitor a student’s level of engagement and attention.

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Learning Software that supports an engaged online classrooms?

Ways to keep the learner engaged during the distance learning
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My Viewboard Learning Software enables students to connect remotely to live lessons delivered by teachers and engage in real-time with lesson activities. Available through any web browser, MVB supports learning and teaching in any environment, even when some, or all, students are unable to join a physical classroom space.

The cloud-based classroom offered by My viewboard learning software easily supports student collaboration on any devices anywhere, anytime breaking down the barriers of distance learning with:

Flexible lesson delivery

  • Teachers can share lessons to student devices with a variety of virtual delivery methods: whole class, small group, project-based, individual and collaborative.
  • Flexibility during lesson delivery: teachers can easily switch from teacher-paced to student-paced anytime during a lesson.
  • With the student-paced option, students can review and complete activities independently at their own pace – anytime that the lesson is running.

Virtual collaboration

  • Collaborative Workspace activities empower students to work together from home on a shared digital canvas to co-create, add content and problem solve. The workspace allows students to add text, images, and digital content to share research, compare and contrast information, and truly collaborate. It’s easy for teachers to see which student has added what content and add feedback and follow-up questions for students within the virtual workspace.
  • Shout It Out activities enable students to send text and images from their devices to a lesson. Teachers can then rearrange, organize, discuss contributions – allowing for student voice and input even in a cloud classroom.

Activities and assessments to gauge students’ understanding

  • Teachers can assess and support individual learning needs with clear insights into student work using individual handouts, activities and collaborative workspaces to monitor progress and assess By seeing students’ work in either real-time or upon completion, teachers can adapt and offer individual support as needed. Teachers can also provide real-time feedback into both individual and small group activities virtually.
  • Teachers can engage students with a variety of assessment types including multiple-choice, short answer, and true/false questions using the inbuilt tools and the other interactive activities available in My viewboard learning software.
  • With assessment activities, students can see their own individual results on their devices, allowing them to direct their studying and ask questions to support their learning.

Google and Microsoft Integration

  • My Viewboard  works with existing technology, familiar platforms and workflows including Google and Microsoft.
  • Students can use their existing Google drives/accounts to access content from any web browser on any device.

There are so many options for teachers to use my Viewboard learning software to create and deliver lessons for students no matter where they are. 

To support your online classes during this pandemic, My Viewboard Software has been offered complimentary for 1 year to all education institutions. If you wish to utilise this opportunity, do fill up the form and we will get back to you with your Entity license details.

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21st Century Collaborative Classrooms.

Why should you consider using G Suite for Education?

Here are five good reasons:

1. G Suite for Education is free

You read that correctly. G Suite for Education is entirely free of charge. These tools are already used by millions of students in schools around the world. Of course, free is great, but the best thing is that these tools are relevant to students, easy to use, and open doors to many new ways to learn.

  • 24/7 Access
  • One Login for EVERYTHING!
  • Collaborative
  • Use on Any Device/Cross-Platform

That means huge savings are possible in servers, software licensing, email systems and dedicated IT support. For once, saving money does not mean compromising on the services offered or quality either.

2. Your Students already know how to use it

Most kids have a Gmail account, most will have used Google Drive and some may even have Chromebooks at home. Google Sheets, Docs, Calendar, Slides and Sites all use the same kind of interface and will take less than an hour for most to master. If your teachers are unfamiliar with Google applications, it won’t take them long either and we can help them get familiar with G Suite for Education. That means less time learning the system and more time using the system for learning.

3. Access G Suite for Education anywhere at any time

As G Suite for Education is cloud-based, your teachers and Students can access learning from anywhere at any time. Students can submit homework from home, teachers can manage email, assignments and preparation from anywhere and with 99.9% availability, you don’t need to worry about not being able to access your applications.

4. Huge efficiencies can be made

There are huge productivity benefits to using G Suite for Education. As mentioned, Students can turn in homework digitally which is worth the switch on its own. You can also create forms for permissions or requests and create reminders and send the link directly to parents. Google Classroom enables sharing of teaching resources and track work, grades and so much more. The possibilities are genuinely limitless.

5. You’re never on your own

G Suite for Education is fully backed and supported by Google and all Education institution customers get our expert support too. In the unlikely event something goes wrong, you can call one of our onsite techs if you have them or pick up the phone and talk to our expert help desk team at +919600033377. We will take it from there.G Suite for Education is changing the classroom in many positive ways. If you would like to know more, contact our Education Consultants at . We are here to help!

How to Make Team Meetings more Engaging with Interactive Whiteboards?

Interactive smart boards can help you get the most out of your team meetings. Interactive smart boards make collaboration easy, helping employees display files directly from their computer systems. There are a number of benefits that everyone can leverage from working with interactive smart boards. Here is why interactive whiteboards for business should be a necessary accessory.

interactive whiteboard for business and classroom

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The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Best Projector

If you are looking to purchase a projector, there are different questions that you need to answer. There are various critical aspects that one must consider before purchasing a projector, be it an ultra-throw projector or a traditional projector. This guide is targeted at the average buyer that is not aware of the jargon associated with buying a projector. So, here are the key factors that you should remember when choosing a projector:

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Why choose Epson Projector for Schools

The world that we live in today is rapidly changing, and different industries are transforming their ways and norms to better adapt themselves to the newer trends. Vast amounts of transformation can also be noticed in the educational sector, as institutes across the world take to new and more advanced manners of imparting knowledge.

Epson interactive projector

Schools are moving fast from brick-and-mortar classrooms to more digitally-aided set-ups. From smart interactive displays to projectors with wireless moderator display controls, the tools utilized for education are no more the same, and Epson, the widely renowned brand for technological solutions, is playing quite an important role in shaping the new world of education.

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Long Throw, Short Throw and Ultra Short Throw: Which Projector to choose?

Nowadays, projectors are gaining popularity primarily due to their increased usage in offices and home theatre systems. Although they are used today on a wider scale, people still have doubts about the different projector types. They also don’t know how to choose the best projectors for themselves.

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The first and foremost thing that you must know before buying a projector is the throw distance. It is a measured expanse which the light travels when it leaves the projector lens and reaches the screen. In terms of throw distance, there are three types of projectors i.e. long throw, short throw and ultra-short throw projectors. Here is a detailed study of projectors, its types, and tips to choose the best projectors:

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Epson’s New PowerLite Ultra Short Throw Projectors – Advantages and Uses

Epson projectors are among the top selling projectors worldwide, and are recognized for driving innovations and exceeding customer expectations. The Epson ultra-short throw projector is one of the most recent additions to the offerings of this brand. These short throw projectors are available in three variants, namely – Epson PowerLite 675 W, Epson PowerLite 680 W and Epson PowerLite 685 W.

Designed essentially for classroom collaborations, these new Epson ultra-short throw projectors come equipped with many cool features for enhancing student engagement and communication.

epson ultra short throw projector

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Combining Epson Interactive Projectors with SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

Epson, for a good while now, has been leading the interactive projector scene with a range of innovative interactive projectors. Keeping in line with their strong partnership with SMART Technologies Inc., a new range of Epson interactive projectors has been released that is compatible with SMART board interactive whiteboards. These Epson projectors have been designed and certified to be used with SMART Board interactive whiteboards. The new range of Epson projectors will allow for introduction of advanced learning solutions to the classrooms, and making lessons more interesting and collaborative.

Epson Interactive Projectors with SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

These Epson interactive projectors have been developed to bring to the classrooms the world’s best interactive solutions that will help the educator adapt to the evolving education scenario. The projectors from Epson have been designed to provide integrated capabilities with SMART Board Interactive whiteboards. These interactive whiteboards are used in a large number of classrooms worldwide, providing teachers with a technology that teaches collaboration to students in natural way, in addition to improving the whole learning experience.

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Application of Touch Screen Technology in Various Fields

A touchscreen display works on input and output, layered on the top of an information processing system that is made up of electric visual display. What a touchscreen essentially does is enable a user to control or simply input information with the help of single or multi-touch. This can be accomplished by using your finger or a specified stylus. Some devices may require the wearing of a glove that is specially coated to work on a touchscreen.

large touch screen display

According to the type of touchscreen, you can enlarge texts by zooming, and do many other things. The fact that a touchscreen does away with the need to use a mouse, touchpad and various other peripheral devices, makes it a lot more intuitive. Owing to this enormous potential of a touchscreen display, it is used in various fields like:

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