Combining Epson Interactive Projectors with SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

Epson, for a good while now, has been leading the interactive projector scene with a range of innovative interactive projectors. Keeping in line with their strong partnership with SMART Technologies Inc., a new range of Epson interactive projectors has been released that is compatible with SMART board interactive whiteboards. These Epson projectors have been designed and certified to be used with SMART Board interactive whiteboards. The new range of Epson projectors will allow for introduction of advanced learning solutions to the classrooms, and making lessons more interesting and collaborative.

Epson Interactive Projectors with SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

These Epson interactive projectors have been developed to bring to the classrooms the world’s best interactive solutions that will help the educator adapt to the evolving education scenario. The projectors from Epson have been designed to provide integrated capabilities with SMART Board Interactive whiteboards. These interactive whiteboards are used in a large number of classrooms worldwide, providing teachers with a technology that teaches collaboration to students in natural way, in addition to improving the whole learning experience.

Epson’s Range of Interactive Projectors

The interactive projectors range from Epson, which is compatible with SMART board interactive whiteboard, offers a wide range of lumen, resolution and pricing options. The many features offered for the benefit of educators are: –

  • More accurate colour – The 3LCD, 3-Chip technology in Epson interactive projectors provides 3x higher colour brightness and up to 3x wider colour gamut than the other DLP projectors available in the market.
  • Certified SMART Board Compatibility – Epson interactive projectors are specially designed to function with SMART Board interactive whiteboards. These projectors support SMART ECP for controlling projector volume, power and input from the SMART Board. You can even use the whole gamut of SMART Notebook collaborative software such as the SMART Ink Tools, which allows the educator to create engaging learning experiences for the students.
  • Large Presentations – Epson interactive projectors are short-throw projectors. This saves space and allows the projector to throw an image with minimum shadows and glare.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Classrooms – The SMART Board interactive whiteboards with its device management software, allows teachers to share and compare students’ work from their own devices simultaneously.
  • Low Cost Lamps – The replacement parts for Epson interactive projectors are comparatively cheaper than other models in the market, especially the lamps. This increases the cost-efficiency.

Sales Support from Epson

Epson offers the Brighter Futures program which is a sales and support initiative. This initiative is specifically for schools, and made to help teachers select and implement the best practices and products for their classrooms while ensuring that their budget is fully utilized. In addition to offering special pricing, the program provides extended limited warranty coverage for three years, and technical support.

With Epson interactive projectors for SMART Board interactive whiteboard, teachers can display high quality content in brighter environments. These interactive projectors offer both high colour brightness and high white brightness. High colour brightness is vital for large screens, providing flexibility for a variety of screen materials used. Lack of colour brightness can lead to muddy images, with soft or loose details, something that Epson Interactive projectors aptly take care of.

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