The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Best Projector

If you are looking to purchase a projector, there are different questions that you need to answer. There are various critical aspects that one must consider before purchasing a projector, be it an ultra-throw projector or a traditional projector. This guide is targeted at the average buyer that is not aware of the jargon associated with buying a projector. So, here are the key factors that you should remember when choosing a projector:

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Why choose Epson Projector for Schools

The world that we live in today is rapidly changing, and different industries are transforming their ways and norms to better adapt themselves to the newer trends. Vast amounts of transformation can also be noticed in the educational sector, as institutes across the world take to new and more advanced manners of imparting knowledge.

Epson interactive projector

Schools are moving fast from brick-and-mortar classrooms to more digitally-aided set-ups. From smart interactive displays to projectors with wireless moderator display controls, the tools utilized for education are no more the same, and Epson, the widely renowned brand for technological solutions, is playing quite an important role in shaping the new world of education.

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Combining Epson Interactive Projectors with SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

Epson, for a good while now, has been leading the interactive projector scene with a range of innovative interactive projectors. Keeping in line with their strong partnership with SMART Technologies Inc., a new range of Epson interactive projectors has been released that is compatible with SMART board interactive whiteboards. These Epson projectors have been designed and certified to be used with SMART Board interactive whiteboards. The new range of Epson projectors will allow for introduction of advanced learning solutions to the classrooms, and making lessons more interesting and collaborative.

Epson Interactive Projectors with SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

These Epson interactive projectors have been developed to bring to the classrooms the world’s best interactive solutions that will help the educator adapt to the evolving education scenario. The projectors from Epson have been designed to provide integrated capabilities with SMART Board Interactive whiteboards. These interactive whiteboards are used in a large number of classrooms worldwide, providing teachers with a technology that teaches collaboration to students in natural way, in addition to improving the whole learning experience.

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Interactive Short Throw Projectors – EPSON or SONY?

Sony as well as Epson short throw projectors come with a number features that allow to project high quality images from a very short distance. The short throw projector offering from both the companies is renowned for their quality. If you are confused about which brand to buy, this blog will help. To make matters easy, we will be comparing the flagship model of both Epson and Sony, which are the 535Wi and VPL-SW225, respectively. Here is a look at their features.

Short Throw Distance

The Sony projector, VPL-SW225 has a throw ratio that is capable of producing an 80 inch diagonal size image from a distance of only 79cm (31-inch) away from the screen. The Epson interactive projector, 535W, on the other hand, has a throw ratio of 0.48, allowing it to project an 80-inch image from a distance of 83 cm away, which is more than Sony VPL-SW225.

epson short throw projectors

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Ways to Boost Classroom Collaboration Using Interactive Displays

Technology has impacted all aspects of our life, and the field of education isn’t an exception to it. Gone are the days when teachers used blackboards as a means of displaying information to students. Even the overhead projector as a teaching aid has become obsolete. Nowadays, schools are opting for large, interactive displays like SMART Boards and innovative projectors like those from Epson. A study found that use of collaborative technology and group learning increases the chance of success among students by 3.4 times. (Source) Read more