Managing Greater Engagement at Events Using Large Touch Screen Displays Monitors

These days, a lot of companies are harnessing the engagement opportunities offered by installing a large touch screen display at their events. Whether it is a trade show, an exhibition, or a product launch event, installing a large touch screen monitor has proved to be a great way to attract guests and to increase their engagement. These interactive displays can provide you with the unique opportunity to collaborate with the event attendees. You can use the large touch screen monitor with a multitude of applications to create an interesting avenue.

However, as with any other technology, it is important that you utilize the large touch screen display in a way that proves to be productive for your service or product and helps you maximise interaction with the event guests. Some of the ways in which such interactive displays can be utilized in your event:

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Ways to Boost Classroom Collaboration Using Interactive Displays

Technology has impacted all aspects of our life, and the field of education isn’t an exception to it. Gone are the days when teachers used blackboards as a means of displaying information to students. Even the overhead projector as a teaching aid has become obsolete. Nowadays, schools are opting for large, interactive displays like SMART Boards and innovative projectors like those from Epson. A study found that use of collaborative technology and group learning increases the chance of success among students by 3.4 times. (Source) Read more