All You Need To Know About Large Screen 4K Displays

4K is the next big thing!

It’s filled with pixels, with four time more the clarity and detail of HD. It’s got four times the number of pixels and it can display four times the level of detail.

Got a large touch screen display or large touch screen monitor? If it’s 50 inches and above then you can definitely need to opt for a 4K display.

Large Touch Screen Display

Of course, the 4K set will be heavy on your wallet but at the end of the day it’s not just a big fancy screen with advanced HD…it’s much more than that. This cool technology has high dynamic range, quantum dot and it comes with OLED panels.

4K means clearer pictures, more pixels (8,294,400 of them) all at the same time on one screen. You’ll see images that are crisper and this technology is capable of showing more details than standard HD on a large touch screen display or a large touch screen monitor. Note that, Ultra HD is just a derivation of the 4K standard.

Why do extra pixels matter?

More pixels means more information, sharper images and user friendliness. All of this makes the device more engaging.

So what else?

The display size for large touch screen displays or large touch screen monitors that use 4K resolution is definitely a wow factor! But here’s the catch…you can only experience the goodness of 4K if you are viewing 4K content. You’ll probably want to make sure you’re sitting close enough too. This is because of the retina display. This type of display works in such a way that only if you are close enough to a large touch screen display or large touch screen monitor, can your eyes actually make out individual pixels.

Thinking of switching to 4K?

If you want to know why you need one, the reasons could be endless. Whether you’re using the screens for entertainment, work or a hobby matters. For instance, if you are a photographer who views your work on a HD TV then you will mostly only see a fraction of the details. A 4K display on the other hand can provide you with so much more intricate detail. The difference would be quite obvious on a large touch screen display or a large touch screen monitor.

These are the basics of 4K. If you are looking to buy a new TV you should spend some more time reading up on 4K just to be sure that there is nothing else better out there at the moment. And we assure you, there isn’t. You will find many acronyms, 4K Ultra HA, 4K OLED and much more! Each serve the same purpose – to give you a richer viewing experience whether it comes to work or play. So get on board the 4K train!