Epson Workforce WF 100 Wi-Fi Inkjet Printer – Compact Yet Practical

When you see the gadgets today, the general consensus would be that the form factor has improved, and the functionality has been augmented. At present, many devices have become portable which in turn has made them a lot more versatile. Epson too has been at it, and it can be clearly seen in Epson WorkForce WF 100 which is among the best Epson inkjet printers today. This inkjet printer comes with a built-in battery, and is compatible both with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct.

If you are someone who really does not have much time on your plate, and need to print a great deal, the Epson WorkForce WF 100 may be the right business printer for you (if you run a business). You can easily pack it in a bag and carry it along, and print plenty of documents directly from your Smartphone or laptop without needing power sockets or cables!

best epson inkjet printer

If you are considering buying this printer, you must know its complete features and the advantages it offers:


Epson Workforce WF 100 Wi-Fi inkjet printer is 12.2″ x 9.1″ x 8.5″ in dimensions. Its features include:


The printer’s design is lightweight and has a textured black matte finish. Also, a steel plate is present at the front to lift off the top lid. On uncovering the top lid, you will see that it forms into a paper tray. Another thing that you will notice is an LCD display (1.8-inch). You also have a Cancel button and Power button.


It has a built-in lithium-ion battery (rechargeable), and can also connect to a conventional power cable for charging up. Moreover, you can charge the battery by using AC supply. The battery takes around 2.5 hours to complete a full charge.


The Epson Workforce WF 100 Wi-Fi inkjet printer provides a range of connectivity options. You can establish a connection with Wi-Fi or with a help of USB. This USB can then be connected to the computer. Furthermore, you can establish a connection with a mobile device or computer with the help of Wi-Fi Direct.


The Epson Workforce WF 100 Wi-Fi inkjet printer has a decent print quality. The black cartridge and the colour cartridge comprise a rated yield of 250 and 200 pages, respectively.  The print speed is different when battery and AC supply are used in the printer.


  • You can directly print documents and photos by just a click on your smartphone
  • Is portable, small and lightweight
  • Can connect to Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct thereby offering wireless connectivity
  • No need of using power sockets and cables, fuss-free
  • Compact design
  • Suitable to be used as a business printer
  • Offers a hassle-free printing experience
  • Stylish looking unique printers
  • Ideal to print at a moment’s notice
  • Neatly integrated gadget
  • Prints decent images

Epson Workforce WF 100 Wi-Fi inkjet printer is one of the best Epson inkjet printer and should definitely be considered as a business printer if you run a business. Plus, you can use the printer for your home as well, making it a versatile option overall.