Interactive Short Throw Projectors – EPSON or SONY?

Sony as well as Epson short throw projectors come with a number features that allow to project high quality images from a very short distance. The short throw projector offering from both the companies is renowned for their quality. If you are confused about which brand to buy, this blog will help. To make matters easy, we will be comparing the flagship model of both Epson and Sony, which are the 535Wi and VPL-SW225, respectively. Here is a look at their features.

Short Throw Distance

The Sony projector, VPL-SW225 has a throw ratio that is capable of producing an 80 inch diagonal size image from a distance of only 79cm (31-inch) away from the screen. The Epson interactive projector, 535W, on the other hand, has a throw ratio of 0.48, allowing it to project an 80-inch image from a distance of 83 cm away, which is more than Sony VPL-SW225.

epson short throw projectors


The Sony VPL-SW225 has 2600 lumen brightness with native WXGA (1280 x 800) 16:10 widescreen screen resolution. The Sony projector also has three different brightness modes for different use; high for white presentation in bright rooms, standard for normal, everyday use and low for projecting an image in a darkened room.

The Epson 535Wi has a white light output of 3,400 lumens in normal mode, which is more than the Sony one and a 1,900 lumens in eco mode. The Epson interactive projector only has two modes.

Energy Saving Mode

The Sony VPL-SW225 projector features the advanced lamp technology that has a number of energy-saving features. For example, the auto picture mode automatically adjusts the light output as per the projected scene and auto light dimming mode saves energy if the projector is left on without being used.

The Epson 535Wi interactive projector has an eco-friendly light optimizer function. This features automatically adjust the picture brightness as per the image contents and gives both power and cost saving. This function can be turned on and off as per your needs. The use of this function increases the lamp life by up to 10, 000 hours.


The Sony VPL-SW225 projector can be connected to a PC both with the LAN as well as wirelessly. The short throw projector also has USB connectivity. The various functions and status can be managed and monitored remotely through any user’s PC on the connected network. The availability of USB port gives you the freedom to effortlessly display photos, images and graphics without the need of a PC. You can also connect a tablet or smart phone, making it super easy to make presentation straight from your tablet or smart phone. The projector also allows up to 8 users to connect simultaneously.

The Epson interactive projector comes with application for both iOS and Android making wireless from smart devices possible. The application corresponds to the action performed on your touch-screen operations such as turning pages and zooming in or out of the content.  It also has a USB port that can be used to project images, transmit sounds and connect input devices. You can also connect up to 50 terminals via the multi-PC projection to single projector.

Both the projectors are worth every penny you spend on them but the Epson short throw projector certainly holds a little edge over Sony in terms of connectivity and brightness.