Know World Interactive Whiteboard Market’s Opportunities and Forecasts 2014 – 2022

What is a smart interactive whiteboard?

A smart board interactive whiteboard is a large display which can be connected to a computer. This device allows images from a computer to be displayed on screen through the use of a digital projector. The interactive board can be mounted on a floor stand or onto a wall while the user can control the smart interactive white board’s surface using their finger, a stylus or a pen. So handwritten notes can be transformed into text and then saved.

The smart board interactive whiteboard can be used in classrooms, corporate training rooms, sports coaching classes, broadcasting studios and many other fields as well. These smart boards consist of sensory technologies that can track any interaction on the surface of the screen. These could be resistive, laser, electromagnetic, infrared optical or camera-based.

SMART Board with Projector 480iv

Why are smart boards or interactive white boards being used?

With the advent of digital learning and the increased use of e-learning software and virtual learning courses, the market growth of these interactive boards are growing rapidly. Schools and universities across the globe are implementing the use of these device to enhance the educational learning experience. But on the other hand, some places aren’t able to afford the high costs that come along with the setting up of these devices. A lack of awareness in some regions has also led to no introduction of the devices in those places.

Some of the key players in the market include Hitachi, Sony, Panasonic, BendQ and LG. Apart from North America, U.K and Europe, many Asian countries have started adopting this technology, including India.

A short overview of the smart board interactive whiteboard market

Analysts have identified that the increased availability of digital content is the primary factor that has triggered the growth of the smart board interactive whiteboard market. It will continue to expand over the next few years. Digital tools have gained a lot of traction and educational institutions and the content can no longer be limited to textbooks. The tools not only enrich the learning experience but also provide valuable help to the teachers that use them. They can teach students using metrics to measure their progress, backed up by entertaining features like videos, animation and audio which keep the children more focused.

A recent market research by Technavio predicted that the interactive white board will earn a revenue of more than 76 million USD by 2022.

As the years go by and more regions gain knowledge about interactive white boards, the market will continue to expand with more competitors stepping into the field with improved features, reduced costs and optimal design backed up by portability.