Quick Maintenance Checklist for Your SMART Interactive Whiteboard

A smart board or interactive whiteboard combines a white board with an LCD projector. It can be used in classrooms, in offices, for the purpose of teaching and giving presentations, smart interactive whiteboards can be mounted on a wall or on a stand.

Powered by easy-to-use software, an interactive whiteboard is like a huge computer screen which can be easily viewed by everyone present in the room. A projector is connected to the whiteboard which projects content from a computer, and the person handling it can control the content either with a pointer or a touch of the hand.

Maintenance of smart board or interactive whiteboard

For any electronic device, maintenance is the key to keeping it functioning properly, and having a prolonged working life. Same is the case for screens or monitors; maintaining the surface of your interactive whiteboard will ensure it works properly for a long time.

Although interactive whiteboards come with their own set of interactive pens, there can be instances when you unknowingly or knowingly have to use dry erase markers or even permanent markers and ink on the board. In this blog, we will discuss some general cleaning tips for interactive smart boards, and tips to clean permanent markers that might have been accidentally used on it.

How to maintain smart interactive whiteboards?
The screen of an interactive whiteboard is the most important part of it, and hence it should be handled in the right way. Such boards come with interactive pens that can be used to write, move, erase, and control on-screen applications, so ensure to use the accessories provided with the whiteboard. Plus, the board has touch recognition technology which allows you to use your fingers to perform different functions such as writing and erasing content, moving objects etc., so ensure to use the smart board as advised.

Here are a few tips that will help you in maintaining your interactive whiteboard:

  • Regular upkeep
    Whiteboard is the most important part, so make sure to clean it regularly using a dry eraser. Cleaning once or twice a week, will help keep the board clean and smooth. Dry erasers for the said purpose can be purchased from an office supply store.
  • Thorough cleaning
    Thorough cleaning can be performed using high-quality glass cleaner which helps remove any stubborn marks on the board. Always use alcohol-free glass cleaner on the board. Spray the cleaner on the whiteboard and wipe off using a soft and clean cloth. Sometimes, after using dry erasers, marks still remain, so a cleaner can be used to get rid of such marks.
  • Removing permanent marker ink
    If a permanent marker has been used on the interactive whiteboard, use the dry erase marker to write over the permanent ink. Generally, the dry marker ink will help dissolve permanent ink marks, and you can clean the board by just wiping it off.If there is a stubborn permanent mark, use isopropyl alcohol to remove permanent ink. Put a small amount of the alcohol on a piece of cloth and then rub off the marks softly in a circular motion. But, remember that alcohol can damage the whiteboard, so neither use too much alcohol nor use it for too long.
  • Sensor cleaning
    In case the pen sensors are not functioning, it may be caused due to accumulated dust. Use canned or pressurized air to remove the dust.

Smart board interactive whiteboard is a technological evolution that can be a great addition to a classroom or a workplace as they add value to meetings and presentations. Use these tips to maintain your interactive whiteboard to keep it working efficiently for a long time.