Technology Updates 2018 – Sony New Range of Projectors

A new range of Sony products were recently announced at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018, at Las Vegas.

They began by releasing the new Sony Bravia 4K OLED televisions and a new set of wireless earphones and speakers. The rest of the products include the Sony 4K Ultra short throw projector (LSPX – A1), the Sony CCB-WD1 camera control box, Sony MP-CD1 Mobile projector and Sony Dolby Atmos speaker (SS-CSE)

The new Sony interactive projector, 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector (LSPX-A1) weighs around 75 Kg in total weight. The weight includes the shelf board and speakers. The Sony interactive projector has an imaging technology that can project 4K HDR content up to 120-inch on a wall with a resolution of 4096×2016 pixels. The Sony interactive projector comes complete with a six-speaker audio system along with mid-range speakers and a sub-woofer. It also has glass tweeters.

Sony’s Mobile Projector MP-CD1 is a pocket-sized device which packs an ANSI 105-lumen tech for bright pictures. This Sony interactive projector can be used with media-streaming smartphones, dongles, gaming consoles and laptops. An HDMI dongle will provide wireless connectivity for most laptops and smartphones. The USB and HDMI ports on this Sony interactive projector accept a variety of media-streaming devices that can be used across Netflix or YouTube for around 2 hours with a 5000 mAH battery.

The Sony CCB-WD1 Camera Control Box is designed especially for Sony RX0 action and it utilizes connectivity and power to match multi-camera up to 1007 RX0 action camera. It has been designed for remote camera control, image file management and video sync.

Finally, the Sony SS-CSE Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers. This is a new member of the CS-Series and is specifically designed to be placed on top of the SS-CS floor-standing speakers and SS-CS5 bookshelf speakers. It is able to reflect sound from the ceiling for an over head audio effect. It has been equipped with the Dolby Atmos and operates at 7 Hz-320000 Hz frequency range.