Managing Greater Engagement at Events Using Large Touch Screen Displays Monitors

These days, a lot of companies are harnessing the engagement opportunities offered by installing a large touch screen display at their events. Whether it is a trade show, an exhibition, or a product launch event, installing a large touch screen monitor has proved to be a great way to attract guests and to increase their engagement. These interactive displays can provide you with the unique opportunity to collaborate with the event attendees. You can use the large touch screen monitor with a multitude of applications to create an interesting avenue.

However, as with any other technology, it is important that you utilize the large touch screen display in a way that proves to be productive for your service or product and helps you maximise interaction with the event guests. Some of the ways in which such interactive displays can be utilized in your event:

  1. Giant Scale App Demonstrations

This is the perfect utilization of a large touch screen monitor; at product or app launches. With a touch screen display, you have the perfect opportunity to demonstrate apps, websites, or other content on a greater scale. Instead of individually walking a user on a mobile device, with a large touch screen, you can easily perform group demonstrations.

  1. Gamification can Help You Promote Fun Learning

One of the most exciting uses that the touch screen technology can be put to is gamification. There is no doubt to the fact that games offer one of the best ways to attract people to your display, booth, or exhibition, as everyone loves playing games! There is also a variety of software available that can help you get started. While it isn’t so much about the exact app or game that you choose, it is more about the fact that it should be fun, as well as informative, and should be able to promote your brand, by seamlessly incorporating it into the whole experience.

  1. For Setting Up Large Self-Service Kiosks

When you wish to display interactive documents, maps, galleries, or schedules, interactive touch screen monitors can be very helpful. You can also place these displays as kiosks at strategic places to help the attendees find any information they seek easily. Apart from being able to make sure that the guests are seeing the information you would want them to see, you are also allowing the people to have easy access to information that they may not normally know where to get, which will definitely be a plus for your brand.

  1. Improve Your Presentations

Rather than having to stick to PowerPoint presentations, you can utilize a large touch screen monitor to add some pizzazz to your event presentation.

  1. Execute Paperless Lead Capture

No one wants to fill lengthy forms, but if you use a large touch screen display for registration, you will notice that people are much more receptive to keying in their info. Plus, it also lets you be more organized with the data you collect.

Using interactive touch screen displays can really go a long way in helping you garner greater engagement at events, as long as you utilize it right.