Digital Interactive Whiteboards Promote a More Engaging Learning Experience

With advancements in technology, kids all over the world are finally getting the break they deserve. We all remember a time when the only elements of a classroom were desks, lockers, a teacher’s chair and table and of course, the big blackboard. Most of the time spent by the teacher writing on the blackboard was accompanied only by distracting attention from students who are distracted easily. After all, they’re only children. But that’s all changed now! With new and improved digital interactive board, students will now be glued to the screen.

SMART Board 800

Earlier, teachers could only use text and verbal communication to get through to the children. Now, teachers can use graphical information to appeal to the visual learning styles of the kids of the new millennia. Children can now understand better, pay more attention and generate healthy competition among each other by using the benefits of the interactive whiteboard which creates an engaging atmosphere with uniform sharing of information. The digital interactive whiteboard can be connected to smartphones. It can also be used as a polling feature where teachers can send out questions to students and receive answers directly from the seated children while the marks are computed on the big screen.

Apart from being a major convenience to the staff by allowing touch features, computation of marks and visual aids, the most important factor is that the multimedia stimuli that is presented to the children truly create an enjoyable learning experience.

With SMART boards like the 885ix digital interactive whiteboard system, the SMART Board 800 and the SMART Board 480iv, intuitive design and multi-student collaboration allows critical thinking and the problem solving abilities of the children to flourish where class participation is concerned. These systems ensure that children can work on the same project together, but based on their individual intuitive method of learning. These systems are easy to install and easy to use.

It is time for educational institutions to start adapting to the trends of technology and the demands of the new millennial generation. While many western countries have already adopted these teaching methods, there is still a huge void in many nations where there is an evident need for interactive visual learning aids.

With more and more human activities moving into the technological realm we can only expect that it is natural for this concept to reach our children’s classrooms where they will be able to learn with far more interest and focus. Be it math, science, language, geography, creative activities or any subject or topic for that matter, SMART boards provide ample support to the teaching staff and bring out the potential of each individual child. It is known that such interactive methods of teaching show tremendous positive outcomes for a school’s curriculum.

With visual sketchpads backed up by long term memory functions and easily searchable content, the classroom learning atmosphere is no longer limited to verbal commands and chalk on a blackboard. With Interactive SMART whiteboards replacing traditional blackboards across the globe, children can now be groomed to become independent thinkers while developing a genuine interest in their lessons and the world around them.