Guide to the 3 Best Printers for Daily Use

When purchasing a printer for home or office use, you simply cannot focus on just affordability, unless you are willing to struggle through the process of deciphering faded prints or want to risk your clients doing the same.

Thankfully, the market today has a lot of modern printers that pack in several nifty features in order to enrich both printing and your overall work quality. To guide you in the right direction, here are a few printers you can consider for regular high-quality, fuss-free printing.

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R5691

High-speed and high-definition printing for up to fifty thousand pages, before an ink change is what the Epson WorkForce Pro WF – R5691 promises to its users. With that being said, you can forget about having to stock up cartridges or toners in your copier room, which also translates to less wastage and more savings.

Furthermore, the Epson DURABRite Ultra ink used in this printer is smudge-proof, fade-proof and water-resistant too. You thus receive long-lasting prints in brighter colours even on plain papers with this printer. Another feature that makes the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R5691 an excellent piece for regular use in offices is network connectivity. This printer comes equipped with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Wi-Fi Direct, USB 2.0 and Epson Connect which makes it possible for multiple computers in a workspace to share one printer.

A few other features that this printer comes loaded with include –
• Environment-friendly operations
• Robust security features

Epson WorkForce WF-100 Wi-Fi Inkjet Printer

Designed keeping in mind the professionals on-the-go, the Epson WorkForce WF-100 Wi-Fi Inkjet printer is small, light in weight, and wireless – in other words, it is a total revolution. At just 1.6kgs with a lithium-ion battery fitted into it, this printer is extremely portable and can be fits snugly inside bags and briefcases.

It has a print speed of 14 ppm, battery that can be charged through USB, and also includes W-Fi Direct and Epson Connect among its other features. Its 1.44 inch LCD Panel enables you to review, edit and print high quality, colourful photos, without even turning on your computer. The WorkForce WF-100 Inkjet printer is most definitely among the best Epson inkjet printers that you can find in the market.

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R8591 A3 Wi-Fi Duplex All-in-One Business Inkjet Printer

If your goal is to cut costs related to printing in the workplace, your go-to printer should be the Epson WorkForce Pro WF – R8591A3 Wi-Fi Duplex All-in One Business Inkjet Printer. Equipped with a high-capacity Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS), this modern machine can print up to seventy-five thousand pages, and is suitable for a plethora of printing business.

The advantage of using this printer is that you attain excellent prints and get to minimise downtime alongside saving on printing costs. Again, unlike standard printers, the Epson WorkForce Pro WF- R8591A3 does not use heat; hence it is more environment-friendly.

With changing times, your printer needs to develop too, to be well-matched with the system of work. And as is the case with the best Epson printers, these machines can very easily aid you in achieving that.