Benefits of Online Smart Board in Digital Classroom

The Internet is an integral part of all our lives. From banking, to booking tickets and hotel rooms or even ordering clothes or food, the internet has us covered. There is nothing we cannot find online. Now, the internet is being accessed by the old and the young and the young dominate the statistics when it comes to being online visitors on a regular basis.

Children as young as four or five years old are given smartphones, tabs and computers, not just to play around with but mostly because a lot of parents realize the world is changing rapidly every day and they would like their kin to be a part of the evolution. While we stammer and struggle with the topic of whether the internet is a safe place for children, the fact that monitored online learning is beneficial for all children cannot be ignored.

The child that was one reluctant to pick up his textbook and do his homework now cannot wait to get home and work on his upcoming presentation using his laptop, using resources and material available online. Students not only have the opportunity to fully delve into research, analysis and most importantly, what peaks their interest the most but they also get to do all of this in a way that suits them best.

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One such technology that promotes this educational revolution is the digital interactive board that is being used in the modern digital classroom by teachers across the world.

The reasons behind why every classroom needs a digital interactive board:

  • Teachers can store volumes of data from the online realm, on any subject, so that the resources are readily available for the students as and when required. No notes need to take and no books will ever go missing again. Online resources also peak the student’s curiosity and encourages them to be creative and interpret in various ways.
  • The most exciting part of using a digital interactive board, for a student, has to the interactive technology that allows them to learn, play, design and erase all using their fingers or a digital pen.
  • The problem of concentration is completely dissolved. A presentation on a big screen stands way more of a chance to hold the student’s attention than a teacher speaking monotonously throughout a lecture. It would take a lot of energy and efficiency for a good teacher to truly be able to hold every single child’s span of focus while maintaining silence in the classroom, without the help of a digital interactive board.
  • Another important factor is that children with different levels of IQ can learn at their own pace. They do not have to memorize random data just to be able to pass an exam. They can truly dive into the topic and fully understand it at their own pace. This allows teachers the extra time they need to really focus on the children who need help the most.
  • Something that is often overlooked is how eco-friendly this type of technology is and what implications it brings to improving the environment on a global scale. Digital interactive boards completely eliminate the need for printed paper and the wastage of that very same paper which usually occurs within a few months time.

All in all, this is a smart way to get through to children and keep them happy while they are learning. It makes work easier for the teacher as well as they have resources online with analytical data about the students and their learning activities which can be monitored closely online. Going online streamlines the entire process of education and it is high time that every institute realizes the potential behind the benefits of online smart boards in the digital classroom.